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Caelin Lee Biofabrication Artist

Caelin Lee is an interdisciplinary biofabrication artist originally from Austin, TX, now living in Bremerton, WA.


Within the manipulation of light and translucency from organic and woven structures, there is an alchemy to my practice in which research and careful documentation coincide with experimentation and the unknown.


Centering on materials and process, my practice focuses on microscopic examinations of building techniques, textures and forms. These methods, centered around human-made textiles and fibers woven by other organisms, such as bacteria and fungi, mirror the connection between our perceptions and the society which surrounds us. Their tenacious ability to grow and mend complex structures are examples of how nature excels as a mentor for all of humankind.


In my work, biofabrication relates to biomimicry, where nature is the teacher. People learn from and emulate nature in order to solve problems. In my practice, I incorporate kombucha and algae to create materials resembling more commonly used leathers and plastics. They have predictable behaviors in environments that support their needs. For instance kombucha needs the proper balance of food and temperature to grow. The kombucha grows within cultivated frameworks, creating layers of cellulose film. The work applies these mediums to reference the body—communicating the multiplicity within individual identity, social constructs and transformation.

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