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Caelin Lee is a non-binary interdisciplinary painter and sculptor. They were born and raised in Austin, Texas and moved to Olympia, Washington in 2017.




Bodies give us power–the power to move, create, connect and also experience human suffering. In a highly critical and warped society, bodies are subjected to stigma from all angles.  


I use the body to communicate the fluidity of identity, social constructs, pain and healing. Centering on multiplicity, trauma, gender and queer identity, I incorporate movement and transformation through multilayered forms--figurative sculptures, paintings, and sheets of textiles.


Relating to these subjects and mediums, time and labor are integral to my work--from the structures and surface preparation to the applied mediums. I use repetitive movements to connect with and ground myself in the work while also exploring internal and societal constructs alongside the extended period often needed for healing. There is a resulting cycle within each art object. When beginning these works, I am excited and the actions are satisfying. Then, there is a point in every project where I tire of the recurrence and question what I have done to get myself into this situation, and I want to quit so badly. Pushing through that point, I often realize that I am doing the right work. I settle in more fully and find the appreciation again, but more deeply and with a greater clarity.


Extending out from this exploratory period, there is an alchemy to my practice in which research and careful documentation coincide with experimentation and the unknown. In the presentation of my work, relative space is a key tool in the apperception of the art object.


Currently, I am focused on painting and sculptural works. With these works, I am striving to break down the process and spine of the production. Leaving behind figurative work for the past five months has encouraged me to explore the physical methods and thinking behind my work. After residing in this space for an extended period and engaging with many different methods and materials, I became homesick for painting. The solution was to create whole-body rhizomatic paintings utilizing gauze rather than traditional paint. Following this exploration of balance, my upcoming work is  pushing current themes further through more process-based, experimental works, a practice in figurative representation and all that exists in between and outside of.

**CV available upon request